10 Grid electric combination oven with internal boiler ALPHATECH LEO S-VERSION LBES 101

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Combination Ovens - 10 Grid electric combination oven with internal boiler ALPHATECH LBES 101
  • 10 Grid electric combination oven with internal boiler ALPHATECH LBES 101

High quality 10 grid electric combi oven direct internal boiler.

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2 fan speed normal/reduced (NVR1)
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Product description: 10 Grid electric combination oven with internal boiler ALPHATECH LEO S-VERSION LBES 101

High quality 10 grid electric combi oven direct internal boiler.

Cooking modes

  • Automatic with 95 tested and stored cooking programmes, including programmes for reheating on the plate or in the pan.
  • Programmable with the ability to store 99 cooking programmes in automatic sequence (up to 4 cycles).
  • Manual cooking with three cooking modes: convection from 30°c to 300°c, steam from 30°c to 130°c, combination convection + steam from 30°c to 300°c.
  • Manual with the ability to work with 4 cycles in automatic sequence for differentiated cooking and functions for: temperature holding (2 modes) - steam outlet control.
  • Internal temperature controlled cooking with a probe (optional).
  • Clima® - automatic system for measuring and controlling the humidity in the cooking chamber.
  • Fast-dry® - system for quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber.


  • High-visibility alphanumeric display.
  • Key for managing the 4 cooking cycles with led display.
  • Key for direct access to cooking programmes that have been stored or are to be stored.
  • Scroller knob with scroll and push function for confirming choices.
  • Manual pre-heating.

Control mechanisms

  • Auto reverse (automatic reverse of fan rotation) for perfect cooking uniformity.
  • Automatically regulated steam condensation.
  • Manual chamber pressure relief control.
  • Manual humidifier.
  • 2 fan speeds (optional), low speed also limits the heating power.
  • Temperature control at the product core using a probe with 4 detection points (core probe optional).
  • Core probe connection through a connector outside of the cooking chamber.
  • Usb connection to download haccp data, update software and load/download cooking programmes.
  • Self-diagnosis before starting to use the equipment, with descriptive and audible signalling of any anomalies.
  • Pre-configured sn energy optimisation system (optional).
  • Service program: testing the operation of the electronic board - display of the temperature probes - counter for operating hours of all primary functions for programmed maintenance.
  • Halogen cooking chamber lighting.
  • Ecospeed - based on the quantity and type of product, the oven optimises and controls the energy output, maintaining the best cooking temperature and avoiding fluctuations.
  • Ecovapor - with the ecovapor system, there is a net reduction in water and energy consumption due to the automatic controls of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber.


  • Stainless steel 18/10 aisi 304 of 1 mm cooking compartment with long radius rounded corners for a perfect cleaning.
  • Perfectly smooth, watertight chamber.
  • Door with double tempered glass with air chamber and interior heat-reflecting glass for less heat radiation towards the operator and greater efficiency.
  • Internal glass that folds to open for easy cleaning.
  • Handle with left or right hand opening.
  • Adjustable hinge for optimal seal.
  • Deflector that can be opened for easy fan compartment cleaning.
  • Push-in type oven front panel seal made with heat and age resistant silicon rubber.
  • Built-in door drip tray collecting the condensate into the oven drip tray; then into the oven drain.
  • Front removable control panel for easy service and check of main components.
  • Oven drain with built-in air gap.
  • Two water inlets (soft and cold water).
  • Ipx5 protection against water splashes.

Electric heating system

  • Cooking compartment heating elements of armoured incoloy 800 type.

Steam generator

  • Aisi 304 fully insulated steam generator.
  • Automatic boiler pre-heating.
  • Daily automatic boiler draining and rinsing, temperature of drained water below 60°c.
  • Alarm in case of boiler de-scaling required.
  • Boiler semi-automatic de-scaling program.
  • Cal-out system to prevent scale build-up within the boiler, as standard.

Safety features

  • Cooking compartment safety thermostat.
  • Cooking compartment safety device for pressure built-up and depression.
  • Fan motor thermic protection.
  • Magnetic door switch.
  • Lack of water displayed alarm.
  • Self-diagnosis and fault display.
  • Component cooling system with overheat display control.
  • Boiler safety thermostat.
  • Boiler water level probes.
  • Oiler probe to check boiler completely empty.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Automatic cleaning system lcs (liquid clean system) (optional), with built-in tank and automatic dispensing (combiclean liquid cleanser in 100%
  • Recyclable cartridges. Supplied with 1 liquid cleanser cartridge cdl05 - 990 gr.).
  • Calout descaling system, that prevents the formation and accumulation of limescale in the boiler, with built-in tank and automatic dispensing (calfree liquid descaler, in 100% recyclable cartridges. Supplied with 1 liquid descaler cartridge ccf05 - 990 gr.).
  • 7 automatic cleaning programmes.
  • Manual cleaning system with external hand shower (shower optional).

Standard equipment

  • Calout descaling system for models with boiler - supplied with anti-scale product
  • Usb connection
  • Side runners

Product parameters

Capacity: 10 x 1/1 GN
Distance between layers: 70 mm
Meals - Croissants: 80 / 150 - 128 / 160
External dimensions: 930 x 825 x 1040 h
Packing dimensions: 1000 x 990 x 1250 h
Weight - Net / Gross: 174 / 197
Total electric power: 16 kW
Gas versions nominal heating output: - / -
Chamber heating output: 15 / - kW/kcal
Steam heating output: 15 / - kW/kcal
Fan power: 1 kW
Power supply voltage : 3N-AC 400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Consumption: 30 Amp

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